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Entrepreneur, business networker, volunteer, Jack Born came to Canada at the age of six from Holland. In his late teens, he returned to Holland to study print design from some of the world’s best. 

Jack's first love is print design. The greater the challenge, the more he likes it. He'll go the extra mile for anyone (not just clients) and enjoys building extraordinary relationships with Edmonton's design and print community.

He's committed to his growth, that of his company, Design Quarry, and the local print industry in general. A dedicated networker, Jack always wants to give back. He has served many years on the board of Canada's Graphic Designer Association and more recently supports the Edmonton Business Association, as well as other business networking groups. 

When not pursuing business, you might find Jack volunteering, cycling, canoeing, snapping photos in/near the city, or off to the Rockies hiking with his kids.

However, if you need any of Design Quarry's services, he'll likely be around and eager to help. You can contact Jack directly at 780.430.9693, or email