EBA Web History


For more than 100 years, the Association has been providing small businesses in Edmonton with a network of business contacts. The organization started with a membership of Edmonton’s most influential business  leaders, and was named the South Edmonton Business Association (SEBA). For the majority of the organization’s history, its mission has been to serve the small business community for its needs from advocacy to marketing. In the past 20 years, the Association has shifted its focus to provide members with the opportunity to market their business, meet potential partners and find resources for their business. Members from all
over the city have joined the Association. In 2018, members voted to #droptheS from SEBA, marking a historic change for the organization. As of January 2018, the South Edmonton Business Association gave way to the Edmonton Business Association.

The name change caught up to the realities of doing business today, which go beyond geographic barriers. The EBA connects members from the Edmonton Metro Region’s business community so they can work together for the common good, with the aim of achieving personal and professional growth.



For more than 100 years, the EBA has been serving Edmonton's business community and its leaders. The EBA consists of more than 150 active members and attracts hundreds of entrepreneurs, across industries to its events throughout the year. From general contractors to retailers to corporate CEOs, the EBA serves all industries contributing to Edmonton Metro Region’s business community. 

EBA members consist of:
- entrepreneurs
- home-based business owners
- bricks & mortar store owners
- service providers
- employees
- industry leaders
- C-suite professionals


The EBA has been an essential component to growing my network of like-minded professionals
and entrepreneurs in the city.
— Pamela Muñoz, PR Consult