Why join?

Through the programs and services that we provide, the EBA welcomes members throughout the Edmonton Metro region who are entrepreneurial, home-based or employees of small businesses across industries. The EBA provides equitable access to economic, professional and growth resources through an accessible membership that provides a number of programs and services. The EBA believes in community collaboration and focused efforts on joint networking events, knowledge luncheons and special events.


Membership Benefits

- Affordable membership for small and home-based businesses to access available
resources provided by EBA.
- Personalized company directory page on the EBA website.
- Opportunities to grow business through free monthly networking mixers for members.
- Exclusive member-only access to active EBA members providing a database of potential
business partners and/or clients.
- Access to influential city representatives at intimate EBA events where members have the
opportunity for one-on-one conversations and direct Q&A.
- Regular knowledge-sharing luncheons for active and non-active members.
- Opportunities to build their business’ profile and expertise online by submitting blog posts
for the EBA website.
- Exclusive member offers and discounts.
- Sponsorship opportunities at events with key demographics.
- Access to educational and business resources.
- Growth through workshops and knowledge-based events.
- Business student volunteer opportunities, building the next generation of business leaders
and entrepreneurs.


EBA provides an open friendly forum for professionals to share their ideas and discuss current market business topics.
— Jack Born, Design Quarry