The Changing Media Landscape: Bloomberg Media & Twitter

The news from a few days ago about the Bloomberg Media and Twitter Global Live Video Breaking News Network is a great example of how the current media landscape is evolving. For those of you who haven’t heard, Bloomberg Media and Twitter announced on May 1 that they are partnering to create the first-ever 24/7 breaking news network that will be global, live, social and streaming.

As media outlets are closing their doors, such as Shaw TV in various cities in Canada, we have a reputable news outlet combining forces with a social media network that caters to short bursts of information in 140 characters or less – and likely from less than credible sources. 

With more people looking to digest information quickly, and living with symptoms of fomo, this partnership is not as surprising as you might think. Bloomberg Media CEO said it perfectly in their news release, “In an era when most viewers are choosing immediacy over quality in breaking news, traditional media hasn’t kept up. With this new network, we are setting out to reinvent the digital breaking news experience.”

This latest announcement did not come as a surprise to many since Bloomberg and Twitter had already partnered up to broadcast live coverage of the U.S. presidential debates in September last year. The live coverage followed an earlier deal to stream several of Bloomberg’s shows. The partnership is also showcasing just how far social media has changed the traditional media landscape. This move is also setting an interesting precedent for how consumers perceive and consume the news, and how important it will be to dig that much further into stories that matter.

For Public Relations and Communications practitioners, this is an interesting development that helps our craft. The partnership between reporters and PR folks is that much more important as together we aim to distribute relevant content that serves the needs of the general public, in a timely manner. For companies looking to get noticed in the quick-paced, changing media sphere, it’s probably a good time to invest in a strong communications strategy that includes social media.

Click here for the full joint Bloomberg Media and Twitter press release.

James Morrissey