Traproot Edmonton

A few months ago, the Edmonton Business Association (EBA) began sponsoring Taproot’s weekly Business Roundup, a curated email chronicling Edmonton’s business community and economy. Each week the Business Roundup helps save business owners time and keeps them informed by presenting the latest local business headlines and happenings from a trustworthy source.

We felt it was important to support Taproot Edmonton, a membership-based, curiosity-driven local journalism startup, while also helping the EBA reach a new group of business enthusiasts in the city. The EBA is focused on creating more community partnerships that help our members, and we thought this aligned nicely with our goals.

We hope you have signed up to the free Taproot newsletter to receive business news that can keep your finger on the pulse of our business community. If you have any questions about Taproot, you can reach out to them directly, or if you have questions about our sponsorship, please contact Julie Geldart (

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Julie Geldart