Executive Director

The Executive Director of SEBA oversees all daily activities and major functions of the association. They are the face of the organization and arms and legs of the board of directors. Their prime directive is to drive the mission and vision of the organization, doing everything in their power to see that the association is achieving its goals.


Julie Geldart / Executive Director

Julie has been the Executive Director for the South Edmonton Business Association and now the Edmonton Business Association for the past six years.  She has more than 20 years experience in various administrative, sales and customer service roles working both in the not-for-profit and oil and gas sector. 

 Julie is the face, eyes, ears, hands and feet of the organization. She is committed to the goals of the EBA and tackles all the (many) activities with a positive attitude and professionalism. 

Julie enjoys her role with the Association and is looking forward to many more years serving the Board and the Business Members. 

She can be reached at admin@yegba.com for newsletter and blog submissions, as well as sponsorships and membership enquiries.