Beer Pairs Well with SEBA Members


It’s always “5 O’clock somewhere”. At least, those of us in the hospitality industry, think so!  This week, nearly 20 SEBA members decided that Beer O’clock was going to take place over lunch my Central Social Hall location in downtown Edmonton.

It was an opportunity not only to learn a little more about beer, but to understand how it pairs well with locally-sourced foods.

If anyone has been to a wine tasting event, a beer pairing event explains the same type of considerations when selecting pilsners, IPAs and stouts to bring out the flavours of a delicious lunch menu. Beer has some of the same subtle taste influences from chocolate, fruits, molasses and sugar as any fine wine – a nuance often lost on many.

As a SEBA member, this was a great opportunity to showcase my restaurant to fellow members. This was a way to spread the word to fellow members about my local business that serves up a tasty menu for corporate or special events, families and friends any time of the week.

As a SEBA board member (currently running for your new Vice-President!), I viewed it as a way to help educate members on the nuances of beer pairings that they could discuss during their next dinner meeting with clients. It is a win-win situation for all involved.

From the comments from members, and guests, it was a great event that we would be happy to host again – hopefully we’ll see you all down for it!

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James Morrissey