SEBA Proposes ‘Edmonton Business Association’ to Members


After three years of planning, the current Board of Directors is planning to #droptheS from the SEBA name to become the Edmonton Business Association (EBA)

The South Edmonton Business Association (SEBA) is asking members to vote in favour of its plans to expand its mandate to include businesses from every corner of the city, and surrounding areas at the Annual General Meeting next month. 

The reality of small business in Edmonton is that we do business across every quadrant of the city. The current membership of the Association includes small business owners, including home-based businesses, across industries that are no longer only situated in the southern part of the city. The name change is simply a way for SEBA to catch up to the realities of business in Edmonton.

SEBA currently has more than 300 members and provides resources for small business owners along with opportunities to market their business and understand any policy changes coming from government (local, provincial or national) that could affect the small business community. We believe changing the name to EBA strengthens its position for the future of business.

In Alberta, 95 per cent of business is small business and constitutes the backbone of the city’s economy. With more than 47,000 small businesses in the city, the proposed Edmonton Business Association hopes to attract new businesses of all kinds with its expanded vision for 2018, which will benefit members in a variety of ways.

Primarily, the extended reach of the EBA will help businesses expand their reach to multiple industries in new areas of the city. The EBA will also add additional clout to the organization and entice more VIPs and influencers to speak at events, thereby providing members with more opportunities to access the people they need to reach.

The EBA will aim to be the pre-eminent small business association in Edmonton, primarily by providing value-added services to its members and Edmonton’s business community as a whole. It will continue to collaborate amongst members to spur new ideas, foster business relationships and strengthen the business community in a fun and exciting environment.

EBA’s focus will be to provide support, education, resources and assist Edmonton’s business community. From home-based businesses to local manufacturers to bricks-and-mortar shops, EBA will continue to listen and respond to the ever-changing needs of all small business in Edmonton.

Cast your vote on this historical change for the organization by voting at the AGM on January 18, 2018. If you are unable to attend the AGM, you can still vote by proxy. Only members in good standing are eligible to vote.  

Please contact Julie for your ballot or if you have any questions.



Julie Geldart / Executive Director

James Morrissey