MNS Donates to Homeless Shelters

Photo: @sarahbeauphoto courtesy of Curated Market

Photo: @sarahbeauphoto courtesy of Curated Market

For each pair of socks that MNS sells, two pairs of warm socks are donated to a local shelter. 1 + U = 2.

Did you know a single shelter provides an average of 240 pairs of socks a day? ...And 80% of the population that Edmonton shelters and drop off centers serve are employed?

MNS is the local, Edmonton brand that grew and grew! Over their first year in operation they donated 10,000 pairs of socks...and counting. It started as a passion project by husband and wife team Muhammed Habib and Sumira Duggal in December 2016 as a way to give back to the community and help those who lack the basic necessities.  Their philosophy is that "if we can leave the world a little better than how we found it, we will call it a success." In addition to MNS' in-house designed socks, they also team up with corporations, local businesses, not for profits and local events to design custom socks, perfect for any company's swags and gifts. 

We all need socks. How about choosing a brand that helps others in need?


For more information on custom corporate socks or to view their designs visit and follow them on Twitter and Instagram @mrnicesocks1"



Mo Habib Founder | Owner of MNS

MNS is a sock empire born and raised in Edmonton. For each pair of socks sold, TWO pairs of brand new warm socks are donated to a local homeless shelter. Businesses have teamed up and designed custom socks through MNS  to give out to clients and at events with warm socks being donated on their behalf. I'm always looking for ways to give back and make connections within the business and charity community!

James Morrissey